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Malero-Guitare is your ultimate destination for learning acoustic guitar. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, you will find everything you need to enhance your skills. Explore my wide range of guitar lessons, instructional videos, and tablatures to take your playing to the next level. Join my community of passionate guitarists and embark on a musical learning like no other. Get ready to strum, pluck, and rock your way to guitar greatness!

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About me

I am a passionate guitarist and guitar teacher, specializing in online teaching for over 15 years. My goal is to make learning guitar accessible to everyone, whatever your level.

I have always been interested in the sound and the style of the acoustic guitar. As soon as I started to play at the age of 15, this instrument fascinated me and I immediately tried to reproduce the intros, the riffs and the strummings I heard on the discs and on the radio. Of course, as a newbie, I murdered a lot a songs before beginning to get something good :-), but I was playing a lot and I could make rapid progress.

I am a self-learner, I make my own ear transcriptions, I learned to read chord charts and tabs and to understand the harmony rules and of course, I practiced a lot !

Here is certainly the reason why I decided to create this site, by surfing to the internet and by looking for videos to catch new playing skills, I thought I could teach the way I learned : looking, listening and repeating.

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